Best Practice Principle

The Glitter Jewels is taking the lead in introducing best practice principles to ensure the diamond industry is run in an ethical and professional way.

The Glitter Jewels is committed to abiding by these principles and is making it a condition of supplying all clients that they too agree to comply with them. Moreover the principles are formulated to ensure that Glitter Jewels and its customers encourage adherence to them at all levels of the supply chain down to the consumer. Glitter Jewels will also encourage industry organisations in the major diamond cutting centres to adopt these principles.

The implementation and monitoring of these Best Practice Principles will ensure consumers buying diamond jewellery will be able to rely with confidence on the ethical standards of the industry.


We are committed to operating our businesses with a view to ensuring that consumers buying diamond jewellery are able to rely with confidence on the professional and ethical standards and technical skills of the gem diamond industry, taking account of the following :

Business Practices

We are committed to operating our businesses in such a way that we neither engage in, nor encourage in any manner, the following practices which are regarded as unacceptable and against the public interest and that of the diamond industry :


We are committed to the highest industry ethics including the following :